10 Ways to Use QR Codes to Boost Your Business

Using QR codes is a powerful way for businesses to stay connected while distanced; keeping your audience informed and engaged. QR codes made one heck of a comeback during the pandemic, as savvy businesses and restaurant owners latched on to the touch-free appeal. Similar to a bar code, these 2D ‘quick response’ codes can be captured with any smartphone, and voilà, your information appears in a flash!

Back 10 and 20 years ago, QR codes could not gain momentum due to the lack of Wi-Fi/Internet access and non-existent mobile friendly websites, not to mention the slow, lumbering app that had to be installed before attempting to scan. Now that those problems have essentially been solved, the possibilities for this clever tech tool are endless. QR codes are fast becoming a vital marketing tool for organizations; providing quick access to information and resources straight into people’s hands – or should we say … phones.

We have outlined 10 ways that this versatile, low-cost marketing technology can boost your business:

  1. Touchless Menus

Direct guests to your contactless menus and reduce paper menus. Use QR codes on coasters, table talkers, business cards and signs throughout your restaurant and around town. QR codes can be read off of any flat surface – digital and otherwise. Get creative!

  2. Increase Website Traffic

Increase your SEO and drive people directly to your website (including specialized landing pages). Integrate your QR code on signs, packaging, business cards, flyers, brochures, billboards, email signatures and more … the list is endless.

  3. Connect to Your Wi-Fi

Allow your customers and guests access your Wi-Fi network easily with a simple QR code – saving you time while keeping your network secure.

  4. Connect to Social Media Accounts

Using a single QR code, you can share all your social media profiles. This will increase your digital marketing sales funnel and boost your engagement. Once people find you on social, you can further use QR codes for discounts, feedback, reviews, upcoming events and more.

 5. Offer Deals & Discounts

Create QR codes as ‘virtual’ coupons to reward your customers or entice new ones to try your business out. You will want to run time-limited offers and keep switching up your promotions to keep them coming back for more great deals.

6. Get More Ratings & Reviews

Make it easy for customers to give you a glowing review on Yelp, Google, Facebook, Open Table, TripAdvisor, etc. – or direct them to a rating/feedback system on your website. This is where QR code stickers come in handy to place on packaging, labels or receipts.

7. Make Digital Payments

QR code payments can be made from a smart phone using payment systems such as PayPal or Stripe. More developments on this – including Apple Wallet – are in the works, so we know this trend will be growing.

8. Make it Easier to Get Found

You can use QR codes to share your location coordinates. Just use your Google Maps or Waze URL when creating your code, and you’ve got a handy way to get found more easily. You can also use QR codes for your phone number and other contact information, making it ultra easy for people to connect.

9. Share Images, Documents & More

Got a photography gallery, virtual tour, product details, podcast links, quizzes, games or even a fun playlist you can’t wait to share? There’s a QR code for that!

10. Link to Instructional Videos or Educational Materials

Offer superior support to customers, new staff or contractors by providing a QR code that links to your training videos, assembly/set-up instructions or any other educational information. This provides a value-added service your customers will love.

Now that you’ve learned some of the more popular uses for QR codes, keep in mind that this technology is constantly changing and adapting to improve the consumer experience. The bottom line is that these days, people are on their cell phones everywhere they go, so why not leverage that to your advantage?

Easily accessible information and touchless transactions are the way of the future, so take your business to the next level and jump on board to try out this trending tech-savvy marketing tool. Not sure where to begin? Give the print and marketing experts at IO Print a call and let’s explore the many ways to incorporate QR codes into your business plan.

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