Three Reasons Why Direct Mail Still Works

Digital marketing, digital transformation – in a world where we are increasing inundated with all things digital, it may be tempting to assume that sending potential customers promotional materials in the mail is no longer a good idea. Despite the ‘everything digital’ mindset, there is still real value in incorporating direct mail in your overall marketing strategy. In fact, direct mail may even prove more successful than your online efforts. Here are three reasons why direct mail is here to stay:

Attention-grabbing and personalized

When done well, direct mail pieces can be a very effective way to grab the attention of prospective or current customers. This type of advertising can also be more memorable than digital format ads that have to compete for the attention of the customer in the often crowded online environment.Like any good marketing campaign, the key to making your ad stand out is to get creative and think outside the box. In addition to professional, eye-catching design and clever copy, using something like a non-standard size or format for your direct mail piece can really help to ensure that your ad is the one that stands out from the crowd.

Higher ROI than other marketing tactics

You may be surprised to learn that direct mail actually has a higher ROI than other marketing formats, including things like Google ads. Email and social media were the only marketing strategies shown to have a higher ROI, with direct mail averaging an ROI of 29% and social media averaging an ROI of 30%.Direct mail also has a better response rate than other advertising formats. A study completed in 2016 shows a response rate of 43%. This represents an increased of 190% when compared to the previous year.

Another way to get your brand noticed

While it’s clear to see that there are quite a few benefits of using direct mail to engage with customers, grow brand awareness and drive sales and growth, it’s not necessarily a replacement for digital-based advertising. The best way to use direct mail is to incorporate it as an integral piece of your overall marketing strategy, along with your social media posts, email marketing and paid ads. Think of direct mail as one more opportunity to connect with the right customers and tell your brand story.

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